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I took a few minutes to figure this out. If the service is not starting, it could be a number of issues. The way to figure out what it is is to edit the C:\rsyncd\rsyncd.conf file and look for the following:

# Only uncomment temporary to debug rsync. Commenting this line
# is essential for the VSS to work properly
#log file = c:/rsyncd/rsyncd.log
Uncomment the log file line by removing the '#'.
Open an Administrator Command Prompt
C:\rsyncd\cygrunsrv.exe --start rsyncd

If the service doesn't start, look at the rsyncd.log file for more details. Once you have the service running, open C:\rsyncd/rsyncd.conf and comment the log file line by placing the '#' in front of the line again.

If help is still needed, paste the contents of the rsyncd.log file and I'll take a look.

--The two errors I ran into were:
Another rsync service was using port 873
Solution: Stop the service from automatically starting
PID file in use:
Solution: Delete the .pid file located in C:\rsyncd