Register to Create a Vehicle Account



1.  Select 'Create an Account' from the Login Form

In order to keep your data as secure as possible, you must setup a 2-Factor Authentication with this account.  There are Three Options below, but Only one is required.


2.  Fill in the Registration form details:

  • Name
  • UserName
  • Password1
  • Email Address

1Minimum Requirements: 10 Characters:  2 Numbers, 1 Symbol. 2 Uppercase. 2 Lowercase


3.  Click the activation link you receive in an email to activate the account and login with the User Name and Password you created




4.  On a successful login, you are prompted to create the 2-Factor authentication.

You will not be able to continue until this step is completed

Select how you want to receive a code

5.  If Add a New Code by Email is selected, you will receive a code by email each time you login. 

Enter the Six digit code you received in the Email to continue



6.  If Add a New Authenticator App is selected, you will receive a code using the App each time you login. 

Use the app to Scan the QR and enter the Six digit code that is displayed to continue

(Supports the popular Google Authenticator App or the Microsoft Authenticator App)




7.  If Add a New Yubi Key is selected, you will use the key each time you login. 

Enter the Yubikey code you receive to continue




8.  After successfully entering the the 2-Factor Authentication a second time, the account will be complete. 

Click the Online Store menu to continue